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A Dependable Partnership

Snap Construction was founded in 2020. The company was launched after our founders Dalton Czepinski and Anthony Bailey were working for another company and quickly realised that they could do better. This inspired them to strike out on their own.

We take our name from something our dad used to say. Whenever something we had been working on turned out well, he would respond by saying: “oh snap!”. We are an LLC partnership, with Dalton and Anthony having equal 50% ownership of the company. We are here for you whenever you want to install new siding on the exterior of your Northwest Indiana home and are able to use our vast experience to deliver results that you can truly be proud of for many years to come. 

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Add value to your home whilst upgrading it

The services that we provide enable you to take more pride in your home whilst adding value to it. We may offer some of the most competitive prices in the region, but we never make compromises when it comes to quality. We’re only happy when you are completely content with the work that we have carried out for you, and we can work closely alongside you to ensure the results look exactly how you want them to.

We use the very latest technology to deliver breathtaking results that stand the test of time. Aside from siding, we are also able to install soffits, fascias and roofing on residential buildings. You can rest assured that we follow the most up-to-date building science and construction standards and have worked closely alongside various reputable builders and developers over the years. We also have a great deal of experience when it comes to working with various popular materials including vinyl, diamond Kote LP siding, Hardie board, asphalt, metal roofing and Vesta steel siding.

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Our Services


Siding sets the tone of your home's exterior, and at Snap Construction, we understand its importance. With a diverse range of options and industry expertise, we ensure your home's siding not only enhances curb appeal but also provides robust protection against the elements.


Soffit might be out of sight, but it should never be out of mind. The experts at Snap Construction specialize in soffit installation and repair, ensuring proper ventilation, preventing moisture buildup, and contributing to the overall health and longevity of your home.


At Snap Construction, we know the facia of your home serves a dual purpose: aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Our team is committed to installing and maintaining facia that seamlessly complements your home's design and withstands the test of time.


Roofing is more than just shingles; it's your home's primary defense against the elements. At Snap Construction, we offer unparalleled expertise in roofing services, ensuring each project delivers robust protection, energy efficiency, and impressive aesthetics to perfectly meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


At Snap Construction, our professional power washing services are carefully calibrated to cleanse your roof of damaging debris, moss, and algae without harming the integrity of your shingles, restoring your roof's luster and enhancing its durability.